Old Glory
Flags from Colonial Flags are meant to last. We use a combination of the highest quality components and state-of-the-art manufacturing to give you the best looking and most durable flags in the industry.

Construction begins with the finest fabrics and color-matched threads available. We then carefully assemble each flag using a full " turn on all seams, a chain stitch for all horizontal seams (it makes the flag stronger), and a lock stitch for all edge hems. Fly hems are finished with four rows of lock stitching and a 102 stitch X-box at each horizontal seam. And, for the strongest headings in the industry, we use a heavy duty nine ounce material.

Check out the hardware! Flags up to 6’x10’ feature heavy duty brass grommets, and for flags 8’x 12’ and above we provide heavy duty chrome D-rings for maximum flying strength. At your option, polyester rope may be stitched into the heading with or without galvanized metal thimbles.

How does all of this benefit you? Your flag will provide the most attractive and best flying U.S. Flag available from any manufacturer in the United States. Colonial Flags make a statement. Because they look better and last longer, they give your business, institution, or home a cost-effective means for displaying your national pride with a great flying flag…for the longest period of time.

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Hoist heading
8' x 12' & larger
hoist2.jpg (2182 bytes)
Hoist heading
6' x 10' & smaller
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Embroidered Stars
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Appliqued Stars
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Printed Stars
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Long Life Seams
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Fly Heam Durability
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Extra tall-pole
8' x 12' & larger
Maximum resistance to wind.
All seams double stitched with unidirectional sewing (sewn from hoist edge to fly edge only). More stitches per inch for optimum strength. Heavy twist nylon thread is color matched to the stripes and field.
All Colonial Flags nylon is  
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Nylon I Flags
Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes
The Nylon I flag is our success story. We built our reputation on this flag; it combines the beauty of a fully embroidered starfield with the highest quality nylon fabric and color matched thread for a beautiful flag that will fly smoothly in the lightest breeze. Meticulous construction, including X-boxing on the fly hems and a full " turn on all seams, will provide you with the best wearing, longest lasting nylon flag in the industry. Choose the Nylon I for beauty and quality at a reasonable price.
Nylon II Flags
Printed Stars and Sewn Stripes
Nylon II flags are like our Nylon I but less expensive. Their workmanship and material are identical; we’ve just printed the stars instead of embroidering them. And, we use an exclusive, deep penetrating printing process that ensures long fabric life and vivid contrast between stars and background, so that only you will know how much you’ve saved. These flags are the perfect answer for a striking, economical, and durable mass display.
Polyextra Flags
Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes
Our Polyextra flags are especially designed and meticulously crafted to please our most discriminating customers. Their two-ply polyester fabric is specially loomed and dyed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions, counteract the effects of ultra-violet light, and still remain crisp and bright. But they’re not just sturdy. Their embroidered stars, enduring brilliant colors and finely crafted details make them a beautiful outdoor flag as well. They grandly set the standard with durability and elegance that guarantees their classic status for a long time to come.


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