To: Farmers Direct Insurance Company From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Company: Farmers Direct Insurance Company

Fax: Fax: (319) 369-5825 Pages: 1 of 1

Phone: 888-668-4500 Date: 5/15/98

Dear Farmers Direct Insurance Company,

Due to very poor service on Farmers Direct part (please refer to the so-called computer log of phone calls, complaints, corrections, re-corrections, wrong dates, reminders and whatever else is in there), we are canceling all three auto policies as of 5/15/98 at 12:01 PM as outlined below.

Policy # Auto on policy Cancellation Date and Time

xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1998 Honda Accord 5/15/98 at 12:01 PM

xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1982 Honda Prelude 5/15/98 at 12:01 PM

xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1992 Toyota Pickup(extra lo) 5/15/98 at 12:01 PM

Unless my experience with Farmers Direct is a complete fluke I can not understand for the life of me how a company is able to stay in business while providing such poor service and make so many mistakes on things of such importance, such as the effective date on an insurance policy. Through all of this I have come to realize that what I saved in premium was not even remotely worth the headache after headache that I have had with your company. The only good thing about the time during which I was using your company to insure my vehicles was that I didn’t have an accident. God himself only knows what I would have went though actually trying to use the insurance which I paid a price for. I hope others do not make the same mistake that I did choosing Farmers Direct Insurance Company.

Very Sincerely,