Sent: Friday, December 04, 1998 4:50 PM


Subject: Farmers Direct


I just experienced your website with mixed emotions.

I am an agent with Farmers Insurance for the past 15 years. Our experiences with the company are often as difficult as yours. Fortunately, my customers are not affected by this constant barrage of ineptness. We field those problems and straighten them out ourselves. Because our customers have a personal agent, they are assured that they have the correct coverage, on the correct cars, with the correct dates. If the company computer is not correct, we are the safety net.

Unfortunately, when a customer goes direct, there is no safety net. My personal opinion (tainted though it may be) is no one should buy their coverage direct. You've experienced many of the pitfalls, but there are many more.

Farmers Insurance is a very good company. They do not, in my experience, purposely cause harm, or cover up mistakes. However, individuals sometimes do. Some individual felt it necessary to cover up the mistakes made by the so-called supervisors you experienced.

Maybe to keep their jobs?

Anyway, as you have come to realize, find a good agent you can trust, with a company you can trust, with a price that is reasonable, and leave those other headaches behind. Somethings are not a bargain after all.