Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 4:26 PM


Subject: Farmers Insurance

I sustained rain damage to my home in January, I contacted my agent and
Farmers had one of their out of state cat team call me. I was not
available that date and suggested a meeting after the weekend. that was
the last I heard from him. I made repeated calls without a return call.

My agent has not contacted me at all during this entire time. He has an
elaborate voice mail message that after the fifth time is annoying. His
office assistant told me I needed to contact claims. When I called them,
I was told I was not in the computer and they knew nothing about me. I
again contacted my agents office and once again listened to the voice
mail message. I left another message and referenced that claims had no
record of me.

I received a call from claims advising me that the Cat person had
returned to Dallas without advising them that I was pending, and a new
adjuster was assigned, but was in meetings and would contact me later.
More days past and I finally got a call from the new adjuster who then
came out to evaluate the damage.

She felt the wet carpet could be dried and cleaned and ordered a service
to come out and do so. They did not appear and another round of calls
were made. When that service came out they had no fans or other
equipment with them, said they were only there to make an estimate. More
calls to the adjuster who was upset that her instructions were not
followed. I did not sign the contract with this firm and she advised me
she would find another company.

With no call or contact a man appeared at my door representing another
restoration company. With me present, he called the adjuster and told
her the carpet was beyond saving as there was oil and color from wood
furniture in the carpet and would never clean out. This was March 19 two
full months from my first call to Farmers.

Today I was advised by the restoration company that the insurance was
balking at the estimate to repair the home.

At this point, I am now almost another month since this restoration
company totally sealed off my lower floor leaving me without kitchen
access. One of my tenants moved out leaving me with less funds as a

Today I sent an e-mail of complaint to the Insurance Commissioner, and
am writing to you. Next I will look for an attorney. The extensiveness
of mold and mildew are due to the now three month delay in handling this

You have my permission to post this message.
Teresa Mxxxxxxx