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I have had quite a time with Farmers. Last March I paid my bill. I September

they found that they had applied one of my daughters payments to my account

(we have different accounts). At the time they found the mistake I was not

notified, in fact I had never seen this credit to my account. In October I

received a cancellation notice because they did not receive my March payment.

I called my agent. She said "Well you'll have to pay it" I told her that I

had and that I had proof from my bank that it was received by them. She then

told me that I would have to "deal with it." I contacted my bank and because

I pay online they confirmed the it was received and deducted from my account.

They then said they would notify Farmers. I received a letter from them that

Farmers received and deducted the payment from my account. I called my agent

and faxed her a copy of the letter. She said fine, no problem. November again

I receive another notice again I do it all. This time my agent tells me to

forget about it. It was sent out before everything was fixed. December no

bill, since this had happened before I paid the amount I always pay. January

30 I receive a notice that I was canceled on December 31. I called my agent

and she said "Well if you don't pay that's what happens" I again told here

that I had proof from the bank she said that it didn't matter, but since I

had paid at the end of December I she would reinstate me but that I had to

start paying my bill. I was so angry that I hung up. I called the main office

in Tigard, I talked to some very nice people but they said that the proof

again. I called my bank they were great! First I was told to find another

insurance company. Then they said they would handle it and not for me to

worry. They then did a charge back until Farmers could find out where my

payment went. What do you know they found it right away? Once they found it

my bank gave it back and it was applied to my account. However I now am

asking for them to send a letter of apology stating that I have paid my bill

and that they made a mistake. Will I get it? Who knows? I have changed

companies I will never do business with them again! As for that agent I am

filing as many complains as I can against her for the rude and unprofessional

treatment I received.

Thank you,