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Sent: Monday, January 22, 2001 6:54 PM


Subject: Farmers.....bad!

I met w/ a new agent in Feb. 2000. Our previous agent and our office

assistant had so many confusing policies I could not understand, so D.V. w.

Farmers was recommended. I recorded the entire meeting and made it very clear

what I needed and expected from a representative, he continually reassured me

he could and wouold provide the type of service I required. Well, once he

got our money and our policies started he dropped the ball on us completely.

I am now struggling w/ attorneys and collection people from our past

policies. Mainly because I did not and still do not understand all of the

different types of coverage needed for a construction business and how they

work, so when ever I received ANY correspondence from ANYONE regarding

insurance I would fax it to our new rep and ask him "do I need to do anything

w/ this? Pay anything? Please let me know asap, otherwise I will not do

anything." He never responded and still does not! I do not know what to do.

We cannot afford to start all over again. If anyone can help in any way we

would be extremely thankful and appreciative. Heidi Welch