From: XXXXX X. []

Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 7:31 PM


Subject: Unpaid rental bill

I was involved in a car accident where the party at fault was insured through Farmer’s. Farmer’s set up a Direct Bill with a local rent-a-car company. They took 30+days to fix my car and the final bill came to $799. 30 days after I turned in the vehicle, I get a call from the rent-a-car stating that I needed to pay the $799 because Farmers had not paid them! Being that I was the one who was driving the car I was responsible for the bill. I immediately called the adjuster working on my claim, it turned out he had retired, and they had no idea where my file was! I finally got a hold of a "supervisor" and I faxed over the bill along with a letter from them stating that they were going to pay for the rental. 30 days later, I get a letter from a collection company stating that I was being sent to collections for the unpaid bill. I called the "supervisor" and left numerous messages for the next 2 weeks and no one called me back! To make a long story short it took them 3 months to pay the bill. Meanwhile it got reported to my TRW and is now on my record for the next 7 yrs!