From:     brian xxxxx[]
Sent:     Wednesday, July 12, 2000 5:33 PM
Subject:     problem with farmers insurance

We have had Farmers Insurance for about 2 years, and
we`ve had nothing but trouble. We would get a bill
that was never right. The agent would tell us not to
worry, and to pay the amount he said. We done this for
about a year, every month. We finally got the right
bill, that we had been paying, and they tell us that
it wasn't enough. So we got charged a higher amount.
We paid our insurance every month, paid on time never
skipped a payment. I had been checking my checking
account to see if the checks have been taken out and
for 5 months worth of checks that wasn't cashed. I
kept asking agent about it and he would always say
everything was OK. Don't worry.This went on for about
a year. I`m sick to death of going through this every
2 weeks. Asking what`s going on. Finally he tells me I
need to write another check for 4 months worth. He
don't know what happened to the checks. I paid them at
his office. So I had checks floating around I don't
know were. We`ve finally said this is enough. I`m
scared if we had to use the insurance, we would have a
lot of problems. So we are getting new insurance and
hope we make the right choice. Is the insurance you
are talking about Farmers Group Insurance? If so I
wish I`d read your letter a long time ago. Thanks for
the time.