Sent:     Saturday, November 13, 1999 2:22 AM
Subject:     Fed up with Farmers

I was looking for Farmers web site when I came across yours. The information and the time devoted to such a site is commendable. I thought maybe I was the only one having problems with Farmers Insurance. We live in Washington State and I took out Farmers Insurance when we bought out new truck. Our previous insurance had lapsed due to financial problems. We got back on track and bought a new truck. When I called Farmers they agreed to insure us but the agent told me we would be in a high risk catogory for the first six months and if good driving occurred we would have our insurance rates would go way down. After discussing coverage and prices I went ahead with insurance. I was to sent and check for 532.00 to start policy. I then found out that was for only a month a one half. I started getting billed for around 326.00 a month for two cars full coverage . I called and said there must have been a mistake and that we just could not afford this ( about 4,000.00 a year?????????) no tickets or accidents??? The agent took off our medical which he said we really didn't need because we had health insurance thru our jobs. Then the payment dropped to 200.00 a month. So this still was not quite sinking in..I figured we were high risk for six months so for another four months I could manage that. After eight months our rates still had not gone down as the agent said so I called and asked about it. He said Oh, you are high risk for a Year and one half. I tol him that is not what he said when I agreed to insure with Farmers. He said he would look up my policy and call me back. Needless to say he never called just kept getting our money. I finally got a quote from Hartford Insurance Company and I could not believe the difference in price, I quickly got my Farmers Insurance policy out and started to compare coverage. I got alot more coverage including medical, towing and rental car coverage for both vehicles for 832.00 a year!!! When I called Farmers to cancel my policy the lady I spoke to on the phone(agents wife) said well yes, our rates should have gone down after six months, it's now been eleven months. Then they have the nerve to bill me for one day of insurance which I am refusing to pay. So my heart goes out to all who have had problems and lucky for us we did not have an accident.