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I saw a letter you posted on the internet (see below) to a dissatisfied
customer. That was nice - as you took the time to try and make someone
understand what was going on.

I'm on the other end ... In March 1999 I fell down a flight of stairs at a
property in northern Virginia. I've had surgery twice for multiple brakes
on my left wrist. I was out of work five months. I notified the owner and
explained the injury. His agent took calls from several witnesses that were
at the townhouse when the fall occurred. The owner had been notified of
"stretched carpet" on the stairs and rec room prior to the fall. The carpet
was repaired after the tenant moved.

The agent completed his investigation in two weeks and denied the claim.
The agent has a P.O. address, was very negative each time I spoke with him
and used xeroxed letterhead to correspond to me.

Something looks and sounds fishy. I told the agent I had insurance that
covered my medical expenses but needed to be reimbursed for loss wages only
to avoid getting an attorney and fighting this in court. The agent was
given all permission signatures to contact hospitals and doctors, and my

Where does one file an appeal decision and complaint against a Farmers agent
in northern Virginia.