Sent:     Friday, May 14, 1999 8:26 PM
Subject:     farmers ins

I was in an accident in a private parking lot. The guy i hit pulled into a
parking slot stopped, then as i was getting ready to go by him, he goes in
reverse, fast to back into a slot across the road between 2 vehicles, he
never saw me and I was only doing 5-7mph if that. I hit him in the rear
fender as i swerved to avoid him it was that or the drivers door. He told a
good story even if the police officer told him he was at fault. I was put in
the wrong and the Farmers adjuster never looked at my vehicle or talked to me
personally. I asked him about medical he said you can't get hurt that slow
and he said that if you put your brakes on you immediately stop.  Well I
strained the muscles in my back and neck and can prove it . He practically
called me a liar. I talked to his supervisor she said he based his decision
on the other guys story, not mine and the glass that was in the road. That glass had
been run over so I moved it out of the way and god knows who else did. I have
never seen an adjuster that would not even look at their insureds vehicle or
talk to the police officer.  He was the rudest person I ever talked to. Glad I
didn't get my apartment insurance through Farmers.