Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 6:21 PM



Thank God for a website like this one. It allows people to speak out!!!!

Farmer's Insurance Group has been our insurance provider for approximately,

well 10 years. However it has been in our family for well over 20 years. The

reason being, no one has ever had a house burn down until now.

My husband and I had a house fire on February 5th of this year. I will make

this long story short... If you think you have been given enough coverage to

rebuild your home - you better check again!!

A word of advice, if you ever have a house fire and you think Farmer's is

taking care of it, well you better listen up. They do a fantastic job in the

beginning. That is until they actually have to dish out the major cash. I

would advise you get help while settling your claim. Make sure you understand

every inch of your policy.

The only fortunate thing I can say about this whole deal is that we do have a

great understanding adjuster who actually cares if we have a proper home to

live in. It's just too bad she works for the wrong company because she sure

is great.

Also, complaining to supervisors has gotten us no where. Their agent was

proven to be right. However, I know he hadn't looked at our house since we

first purchased our policy in 1993. Otherwise, he would've given us more

coverage!!! We had added 20,000 dollars worth of improvements. He thought

that by the sound of things over the phone, that there was no need to up our

coverage.WRONG WRONG This is their job NOT OURS

Wish I had more time because I could sling a lot more mud.

Incidentally, if anyone has any knowledge of how we should progress with our

problems please E-mail me


Cheryl Coiner