From: ******

Sent: Friday, February 26, 1999 8:59 PM


Subject: Farmer's Insurance

I'm not sure if I'm with Farmer's or Farmer's Direct. But there seems to be a

big scam in the insurance industry now that the government is so snuggled in

bed with them and has passed laws forcing auto insurance (at any cost).

There's the larger scam of "incompetence" with billing errors that are forcing

many insured drivers into being without insurance for 30 days. In some

states, as in California, Oregon, etc. this automatically puts you in the

"high risk" category. In my case, instead of a $500 to $600 annual premium,

you''re premium will be close to $3,000. Then the insurance industry will

keep you in "high risk" for 3 years. This is one profitable scam!

I seem to be getting pushed in this same scam by Farmer's now. I paid my full

6-month premium, then continued receiving monthly statements. Eventually I

was told that the premium would be higher because I had a speeding ticket a

couple years ago. I requested the amount I owed, but to this day (over 5

months now) have been stalled by Farmer's. I received a notice of

cancellation, then spoke directly with Farmer's (instead of the agent) and was

promised this situation would be straightened out. I just got another

statement and have no idea what in the hell is going on with those miscreants.