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Can and do feel for you....was an agent for 19+ years with

Farmers. My agency had problems over the years, but not

like you describe. From an agent standpoint, the people

you were dealing with at Farmers Direct were probably

non-licensed, weakly trained and inexperienced phone

operators. The comment from the agent who recommended

dealing with an agent in person (as you have done) is right

on point. No client with my agency ever had the problems

you encountered....Somehow I feel you will believe me when I

say that leaving Farmers as an agent was an easy and

stress-lowering decision. I learned a long time ago that

the commissions I make came from the dollars that people

like you paid to the company and to keep the business on the

books I needed to strive for the best possible customer

service, that way the renewal commission kept rolling in.

By the way, when I left Farmers in 1997, the very first

policy I had written as an agent was STILL ON THE BOOKS.

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