Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 10:24 AM


Subject: Wow!

Just wanted to tell you I had an accident on 8/15/98 at no fault of my

own...submitted my hospital papers and to date they have still not paid the

hospital and I am now receiving invoices for my visit. I also had similar

problems with my name being spelled properly and proper forms sent to me for

my signature.

I got a quote from Allstate yesterday in fact and their quote for 1 year was

$1200 compared to $1630 with Farmers Direct. Im dumping them as an insurer.

Im sorry you had such difficulties but appreciate your diligence and

willingness to post this website. Incidentally...about 6 months ago, I did

attempt to visit this site and it didnt exist. HOw can an organiation that

size not have a website? Crazy stuff!

Happy new year!