Letter from a Farmers Agent in Illinois:

I happened on to this Web Site, full of complaints about our Company, and just had to respond. I have been a Farmers agent for many years, and before that was a very satisfied Farmers policy holder in the state of Michigan. There are a few points I would like to make.

#1. No company is perfect.

#2. For every unsatisfied Farmers customer, there are hundred's of satisfied ones.

#3. Never use a Direct company, always have a trusted agentin your corner, batting for you.

#4. Don't get hung up by an effective date. If you have an agent, he/she can document your requested date, and then no matter if a computer screws it up or not, you are still protected.

#5. It is Farmers Company direction for every agent to provide our clients a regular review of all their coverage's. If your's hasn't, request a complete review, today, and you could save yourself a lot of grief in the future.

Please feel free to email me with any responses you may have.

Thank you.



a Farmers Agent in Illinois