Custom Screen Printing Flags and Banners

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     ...Proudly Promote Your Corporate Image
        ...Fly Your Company or School Colors with a Flair
           ...Put Your City, Village, or Organisation on the Map
              ...Design Your Own Corporate Flag or Banner Today!

Custom Screen Printing Flags and Banners are available in all
shapes, sizes and colors.  Let your imagination be our guide!

Using your city seal, corporate logo, family crest, school or organization emblem we can design a unique flag or banner to your individual specifications. We have designed and built award winning trade show exhibits, decorated hotel lobbies, shopping centers and sport complexes with giant banners, and warmed hotel lobbies and office interiors with our bright wall hangings.

One of our custom designers begins work on your order as soon as we receive it. Felt, nylon, rayon or satin is used for the design background. They insure the longer life of your flag and give just the right shades of color. Next, the proper construction technique is chosen. Intricate designs and lettering are delicately embroidered. Bolder designs might call for applique. Other designs might work best with our hand screen printing. To give a flag individuality and flair, we often combine two or more of these techniques.

The designer then supervises the actual manufacturing of your flag by our skilled seamstresses and printers. But even when their work is finished, your flag isn’t complete.

It must still receive the designer’s final approval and the FlagSource signature of quality. Only after all these steps do we ship your custom flag, designed and carefully crafted just for you. Contact our fully trained sales staff to assist you with prices, design, and techniques.

Outdoor Printed Flags

We don’t sacrifice the quality when you need quantity. The finest work of our screen artists produces these affordable flags with designs so true and colors so bright that they cannot be distinguished from embroidered flags at a distance. Our screen printing process allows us to photograph every color in your design and faithfully transfer it to the fabric without losing its original color or intensity.

Indoor & Parade Use

For a small additional charge, printed flags can be elegantly finished with your choice of fringe and a pole hem.

A Word About Pricing of Custom Printed Flags and Banners
The cost of Printed Flags and Banners is determined by the number of ink colors required to render the design. Each color used in a design requires an individual set of photographic preparations which we refer to as "Set-up Charges." Once all of the individual printing screens have been prepared, these master screens can be used to produce any number of flags or banners. For this reason, printed flags and banners become less expensive per item as the quantity increases. Intricacy of the design is not usually a cost consideration unless it contains a significantly large number of colors.
Special Note: The prices listed below are based on white or light colored background fields. If your design requires a dark background, please contact our Sales Department for aid in determining the proper pricing.

Also, all of our custom prices are based on receiving customer-furnished, camera-ready artwork and are confirmed upon receipt of that material. If artwork is not available, it can be prepared by Colonial Flags for an additional charge.

Indoor/Outdoor Printed Nylon Banners
List Pricing Custom Screen Print Banners

Award Winners:
These Colonial Flags nylon banners are true show stoppers. They are designed to promote your corporate image. We find our customers repeat their orders over and over. These eyecatching banners can be used indoors or outdoors to enhance your logo or message. All banners and single faced and are finished with canvas heading and grommets along the top edge for easy display purposes.

*Printed Flag and Banner Cost Factors

  1. Set-Up charge price is based on receiving customer-furnished camera-ready artwork and is confirmed upon receipt of that material. The set-up is for an average design. Some intricate designs may require additional charges for photography, etc. A firm quotation will be made for all inquiries or any order where the actual price varies.

  2. Set-Up Charges will not be made for any reorders of printed flags placed with us within two (2) years.

  3. Double Construction Flags requiring two (2) printed flags or banners sewn back to back, usually require an interlining to improve opacity, are priced twice the single construction price. Additional charge for interlining.

  4. Quantity Variations similar to the practice of the printing industry where quantities larger than the order are printed to assure the order quantity, screen printed flags or banners are subject to variation in quantity. On orders of less than 30, this variation may be (3) pieces, for larger orders the variation is 10%. Orders are accepted by the "Colonial Flags" only on the basis that the final invoice will reflect the actual quantity delivered and that the customer agrees to accept that quantity and pay for any overrun.

  5. Sizes and Number of Printed Colors priced on these pages reflect popular choices. For any variations consult Colonial Flags.

  6. PMS Match. A PMS ink match will be charged at an additional price of $10.00 per color match. Flag prices are based on average ink coverage. Additional charges may result for ink coverage that exceeds the average. There is no charge for standard ink colors, see back of order sheet for standard color names and approximate PMS ink colors.

  7. Additional art charges for non-camera-ready artwork based on individual order.

  8. Colonial Flags custom faxed art approvals must be returned within 24 hours or custom orders may be redated.

Artwork Requirements for Printed and Applique Banners:

Camera-Ready Art: A pure black image on a pure white or clear film base. The edges of the image should be clean and crisp. No jagged edges. No gray scales. Dot screen should also be clean and crisp. This will ensure accurate reproduction of your design. The ideal size would fit on letter or legal size paper.

For a multi-color application, the art should be color separated, (still appearing as black and white art). A color composite of the design is also required showing the design as it should appear when finished.

Computer Disk File: We are IBM based. If you are Macintosh based, we have no problem in translating your disk provided they are saved as follows. We need all files saved in vector format (where all files are comprised of outlines, not pixels), using draw programs like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Files should be saved in any of the following formats: (.eps vector, .ai, ,cdr, .dxf, .plt, .pcx).We cannot translate any design done in Freehand, QuarkXpress, or Photoshop.

Please, no bitmaps (saving a Photoshop TIFF as an EPS does not convert the image to a vector-based file). Our method of production is "spot color" which is the reason we need vector based file, not bitmaps.

If you are using a non-standard typeface in your design, please include them with your file. Font substitution often creates unintended changes to your layout. Another option would be to convert all the copy to line (this works great. We use high-density disk, no double density. The file should be in a true scale version.

Dot screens which are provided on disk must be sent "out of house" at an extra charge.

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